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Download Instagram Photos
download instagram photos

What Is the Instagram Photo Downloader?

Download Instagram photos and view them even when offline! Being one of the world's most preferred social media networks, Instagram has some restrictions. In almost all social media platforms, the photos that users share are not allowed to be downloaded. It is because downloading other users' photos means the extra load on the server, which means additional cost. Also, letting people download someone else's photos may damage the privacy policy. For these reasons, it is not possible to get the pictures from an Instagram profile as a default option. You may need to download your own photos or a photo you are in and keep it on your device to enjoy viewing later. If that is your wish, then you need an Instagram Photo Downloader. The good news is we offer the service for free, so you are in the right place. 

You can download photos from Instagram only through 3rd party applications or websites. Most of these applications request money, so if you need a free tool, those options are not for you. Also, remember that many websites or apps that claim to offer this feature are scams and can steal your essential information. When you install a third-party app, some security problems can happen. But using the InstaFollowers website is 100% safe and secure; it's proven to be. We only focus on the quality of the service that we are offering, so we never record your vital info. Our web service is always safer and easier to use than any other website or app that you will not know if they are safe to use. Also, the app that you have to download on your mobile device will use your phone's storage.

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Why Should You Download Instagram Photos?

You can find thousands of sites online and applications in the app markets like Apple's App Store or Google Play Store. A few of them may work flawlessly, but usually, a notable portion of them are scams, and it is not a great idea to install them; they can steal all your information, even credit card details, and steal your hard-earned money. By downloading those shady apps, you can put yourself in danger because of curiosity. Some of those apps require payment to install, so why would you spend your precious money while you can download Instagram photos for free? These apps may ask you to be a member of the app. To sign up as a member, you need to give them some permissions and information about you, like your mail address, location, to access your call logs, messages, etc. You shall never trust them. 

As InstaFollowers, we offer this service for free, so you won't pay anything to download Instagram photos. You can get online images from Instagram without using Instagram and without the need for other applications. Even if you do not want to use our service, we recommend you choose to do it online. It is faster and safer.

If you decide to use InstaFollowers' free service to download photos, within a few seconds, you can save any photos you want from Instagram to your computer, smartphone, or any other mobile device like tablets. There is no limit to downloads or for the photo size. One note is that if the account is public (visible to view for everyone), you can type the user name and start downloading. You can list all the photos posted on an Instagram account, view them, and have the ones you want to. Your download speed may change depending on your Internet speed.

Disclaimer: Downloaded images are obtained from Instagram accounts, and the responsibility for the use of those photos belongs to the owners. This tool enables you to download Instagram photos anonymously and is not linked with Instagram in any possible way. You can get and save Instagram photos of others, but the images still belong to their respective owners.

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Is This a Free Service?

Yes, it is entirely free! You do not need to be a member of our site; keep it 100% anonymous! We never ask you to enter your personal information or Instagram password, as some shady apps do. There is no daily limit to using the service. You can have the photo you want without restrictions. One of the negative aspects of Instagram is that no content can be downloaded. If we could download Instagram photos as a default feature, it would be better, but we have an alternative solution to fix this issue. We have developed special software to download photos that are posted on Instagram. 

If you like free content about social media, you can benefit from many informative articles on our blog. We add different content each day to the InstaFollowers blog. You can take a look at our blog by clicking here. We kindly ask you to share this service with your friends if you like it.

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How to Download Instagram Photos

You can download all the photos you want from Instagram to your PC, mobile phone, or other kinds of mobile devices (like iPad, PSP, Nintendo Switch, Raspberry Pi, etc.) via our dedicated service. The free online Instagram image downloader is easy and practical to use.

Unfortunately, you can not download multiple photos together. You can either enter the username and have the photos one by one or paste each photo's URL into the box. 

The photos you download via this service are kept in the same quality. No changes in the photo's quality are made so that you can have them in the original, high-quality format. You can also download Instagram videos as well.

Follow the steps below to download Instagram photos from our website successfully.

How to Download Instagram Posts on PC

save photo

Step 1 

Enter the photo link or Instagram username you want to the given box. If you do not know how to get the URL of a photo on Instagram, open the post on Instagram on a browser (like Chrome, Safari, Opera, etc.) and copy the URL on the address bar. 
Instagram photo saver

Step 2 

After pasting the link or username successfully, hit the "Download" button. Depending on the connection speed and server connection, you will see the list of Instagram posts (photos) of the user as soon as possible. Or, if you pasted the desired photo's URL, you will only see that photo. View the image(s) and choose the ones you want to have.

Instagram post saver

Step 3

If you want to download an image, click on the download button under it, and it will open in a new tab automatically. Right-click on the image and click on the ''Save image as...'' option. Then choose the downloading location and start the downloading process of the photo on your preferred device. 

How to Download Instagram Posts on Mobile Devices?

mobile downloader

Step 1

After entering our site from your mobile device, enter the username of the Instagram user whose photo you want to download in the field above.
mobile photos

Step 2

Then, select one of the posts and click the "Download" button. The post you want to download will open as a new tab.
download on mobile

Step 3

Press and hold on to the photo in the new tab and click "Save image as ...". That's all you need to do!

Our servers are equipped with the latest technology, but in some exceptional circumstances, there may be minor technical problems. One of the biggest reasons is the high demand resulting in a high load on our servers. Many people download photos at the same time, which can create problems in the system. In such cases, you may see some error messages. If you experience a problem like this, wait for a short while and try again. If the problem still occurs, contact us. Our WhatsApp customer care service is 24/7 online.

We hope you like our service. For any questions or problems, our WhatsApp customer care service is 24/7 online and ready to assist you. Thank you so much for reading. You can also try our Instagram video downloader, which also works flawlessly, as does the Instagram Downloader. 

You can also find usage statistics about our Instagram Photo Downloader tool in this document.

How to Use Instagram Photo Downloader?

Instagram username or photo link

click on the download button

complete the captcha process

will be open in a new window

save image as button

done enjoy your Instagram photos

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Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to any questions you may have in mind about our products and tools. If you can't find your answer at FAQ you can reach us via our live support center without a fee.

Unfortunately, no, Instagram doesn't let us do that. However, as you type in your username, you can click on all the download buttons that'll appear in a fast manner to rush the process indirectly.

Absolutely not! We don't need your password right now, and probably never will. Therefore, keep your account safe and don't share your password. Access to your account is not required through this process.

Due to Instagram's resizing and cropping feature, some of the photos you download come off as non-HD. However, this has nothing to do with us. All of the photos you'll download are original in quality.

Go to your profile and tap on the three-lined button in the top right corner. Then, select 'Settings,' and select 'Original Posts.' There, you can see the settings for saving your photos and videos. 

We offer free and secure services. We never ask for any vital information when you receive services from us. 

Unfortunately no. You can only save your own photos on Instagram. 

You can use our tool from Apple devices as well. So, yes. 

Unfortunately not. The account must be public to download its photos.

No, firstly, a failure is unlikely; secondly, even if an error occurs, your IG posts will remain intact since they are stored independently.

Fast enough not to keep you waiting. You will receive your photos shortly after you initiate the process.

Yes, in fact, that's the whole point. By downloading your photos to your device, you can view them anytime you want, even if there is no internet.

No, the downloaded images will be the exact resolution, and a drop in image quality will not happen.

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