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Instagram Follower Count

What Is the Instagram Follower Counter?

Since its release, the importance of Instagram has increased vastly over time. It started as an online platform where users could upload their photos or other images, so their friends could see them. As of 2021, the platform became drastically huge, that people started to earn digital marketing revenues by sharing ad content.

It was a chill place where everyone posted whatever they wanted, without too much thinking, and had fun. But now, the serious users or "Instagrammers," let's call them, hire photographers and try their best to post only the "perfect" content.

Before, we only followed our friends and family or a few celebrities, but now all we care about is the Instagram follower count of us and others. We got obsessed with how many followers we have. It's 2021, and online presence, digital marketing, and self-branding are the terms that more important than everything else. If you want to learn your and other friends' follower count without logging in to the app, you are in the right place.

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Instagram Statistics

Why Are Instagram Statistics Important?

It's essential for a lot of regular users, Instabloggers, and business account owners to check their stats quite often. The main reason behind this action is to understand your audience; then, you can know what they like, what they don't like and produce content to your audience's tastes if you aim to get the maximum amount of likes you can. Years before, Instagram was a place where everyone just posted the photos they wanted to.

Still, now, if your focus is to grow and become popular on this platform, and even gain ad revenues and sign product advertisement deals with companies, then you have to be careful and plan your every post. You can still have a personal account and post whatever you like, but if you want to start making a profit by posting photos and videos, you need to change your social media habits a little. 

Consequently, if you fail to find out who follows you at what time, it will be challenging for you to get in touch with your audience or customers properly. So, being able to see how many followers you have via our follower counter software helps you to plan a solid structure for your future campaigns and aims to attract a specific group of people.

Instagram Live Count

Benefits of Using Instafollowers' Instagram Follower Counter

With InstaFollowers' follower count tool, users can see and check their followers easily and quickly. We don't need any other information besides your Instagram username. Our system doesn't need your password to function correctly, and it works accordingly to our Privacy Policy. So, you can be sure that we keep it 100% safe and secure, and your Instagram username won't be saved or shared with anyone at all.

It is vital to keep in mind that a lot of other websites or apps that claim to offer the same service are scams, and they can steal your essential and sensitive information. When you install a third-party app, some security issues can arise. But using the InstaFollowers website is proven to be 100% safe and secure. We only focus on the quality of the service that we are offering, so we never save your vital info. We do not ask you to type in any other information than your username, and we do not save it.

InstaFollowers has been active for so many years, and you can read the comments to see how happy our customers are. So our web service is always safer and easier to use than any other website or app that you will not be sure if they are safe to use. Also, the app that you have to download on your mobile device will use your phone's storage, which is needless.

Note: This tool enables you to see the number of followers that users have on Instagram anonymously and is not linked with Instagram in any possible way. 

How to Use the Instagram Follower Counter

The free online follower count tool is practical and straightforward to use. Follow the instructions to see how many followers do you or your friends have on Instagram successfully:

  1. Enter the username that you wish to see the follower amount into the dedicated box.
  2. Click on the "Check" button.
  3. You will see how many followers and posts does the user has. Enjoy!

We hope you like it and find it useful to use this free service. Our WhatsApp customer care service is 24/7 live and ready to help you out with any questions or issues. You can read many educational articles in our InstaFollowers blog if you like to access free content about social media. We add unique and new content each day. You can take a look at our blog by clicking here. If you think you are short of followers, you can always try to buy Instagram followers.

How to Use It

enter your user name

check on button

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Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to any questions you may have in mind about our products and tools. If you can't find your answer at FAQ you can reach us via our live support center without a fee.

Yes, all you have to provide is your or someone else's Instagram username. Then you can check their or your number of followers by tapping on the "Check" button.

Our tool will give you instant results. Therefore, you will only need to wait for a few seconds at most, provided that you are first in line.

Absolutely not! Our site is protected by an SSL certificate. Therefore, you can use this tool without any worries.

You can indeed do that, yet what happens when you can't access your mobile device? In situations like these, you can always utilize our tool.

No, certainly they will not know it.

No, our tool will fetch the exact number of followers you have on your profile.

No, you don't need to do that. As mentioned, we don't even ask for your password.

No, our service is free.

Nope, you can use this tool as many times as you like!

Of course, it will help. Knowing your number of followers will increase your chances of taking immediate and rapid action in a case of mass decrease. Also, it's fun!

No, and it is guaranteed. We won't ask for anything other than your Instagram username, so you can check other profiles too!

Yes, as all we need is your or someone else's username on the platform, it's quite easy to see other people's follower count. Why not start with "@instagram" and see how many followers they lose per second?

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Cain Fields

It's so straightforward and switf to use! Each time I'm on this website, I make sure to check my follower count too before leaving!

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Anisah Kirkland
Anisah Kirkland

If you're already on PC, this is easier to check your follower/following count than switching to your mobile and going into Instagram.

Anisah Kirkland
Aniela Roach
Aniela Roach

Sometimes when I don't have access to my IG, this is how I check my follower count. It's super useful and saves you lots of time for sure.

Aniela Roach

Everyone should be aware of this! The best time to use this is right after you buy followers to see your new follower count, haha.


I really enjoy this tool because it shows you what your account is doing momentarily. Helped me a great deal when I couldn't access my IG for various reasons.


I love this website!! New features keep coming every day. You guys work hard and it's no surprise that you're seen as one of the best when it comes to online services!


This is the best tool out there. Did not experience any problems with it and it refreshes the query when you redo the check! Works in real-time.


The best thing about this, and all the other tools you provide, is that you don't have to give anything but your username! Full privacy!


You guys surely make the online world a better place for everyone out there! I'm going to recommend this tool to all my homies and make sure they recommend it to someone else!


Great tool and a life-saver when your phone has trouble accessing Instagram! Added it to my browser as a fixed tab and use it all the time!