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Instagram Hashtag Generator
instagram hashtag generator

What Are Instagram Hashtags?

Instagram is one of the best places to market your services and products to your targeted audience. It has a user base consisting of more than 1 billion monthly individual users around the globe. The hashtags feature is the easiest way to make your voice heard. By using the most popular hashtags the Instagram Hashtag Generator suggests, you can make your posts discovered by more Instagram users. If you add hashtags to your posts, users can easily find your page and discover your content.

Hashtags also help with your engagement. Many users follow hashtags to view content they are interested in. Adding hashtags to your posts makes it highly possible to attract users’ attention and receive engagement. But never forget one thing, consistency is the key! Be consistent with your context and share posts, reels, or stories related to a specific topic so that users don’t get confused with what you produce.

Guess what else you can do! You can create hashtag campaigns to promote your brand. If you’re thinking of running a campaign, hashtags should be the first thing you must consider. It helps your brand get discovered, even globally. Using Instagram Hashtag Generator, you can choose the most relevant hashtags and increase engagement.

Instagram hashtags

How To Create A Hashtag Strategy?

After using Instagram Hashtag Generator and listing some of the most popular hashtags, it’s time to reinforce your strategy. We recommend not using the same hashtag lists for every post on your page. No matter how many millions are searching for that hashtag, using the same hashtag lists over and over will lower your user engagement. Try combinations of hashtags on your posts, reels, stories, or even your bio to avoid this.

Another thing you need to avoid is spammy hashtags. It’s hard to realize while searching for hashtags on Instagram if a hashtag is banned or spammy. That’s why it’s always better to use an Instagram Hashtag Generator to prevent your account from banned or spammy hashtags.

Last but not least, balance is the key. Be unique but also don’t forget to catch up with the latest trends. Viral hashtags may get you some engagement, but keep in mind that the higher the popularity is, the harder it’s to get a place on the hashtag page. So, try spicing things up and reflecting your originality in your hashtags.

Instagram hashtag searcher

How to Generate Hashtags for Instagram?

It’s really easy to search for hashtags on Instagram. You simply go to the search bar and type any hashtag you are looking for. However, if you’re planning to use hashtags to develop your Instagram page, finding a unique and appropriate hashtag can be a burden as there are tons of them. Instagram provides not only the hashtag and the number of posts but similar hashtag combinations, which may make things a little bit complex.

Some hashtags are restricted directly by Instagram. Some hashtags are overused. How can you decide which hashtags to use? This is where our Instagram Hashtag Generator comes in handy. We designed a free tool that allows you to generate fresh, appropriate, random Instagram hashtags from scratch. It may give some ideas to take your business or brand to the next level on Instagram. With our tag creator, it will be easier to find hashtags related to topics of weddings, funny stuff, babies, vacations, travels, birthdays, family, parties, estate, and many more.

Come and try our finder for alternative hashtags. If you like this tool, you can also try other tools of ours that will help you find your Instagram user ID or Instagram Giveaway Picker tool.

How to Use?

enter the hashtag

click on the check button

complete the captcha

wait process done

relevant hashtag

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Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to any questions you may have in mind about our products and tools. If you can't find your answer at FAQ you can reach us via our live support center without a fee.

Don't even worry about it, we never ask for your password as we simply don't need it. All you have to provide is a phrase.

Our system algorithmically calculates the possible phrases and their volume to bring results. Therefore, the amount can vary from phrase to phrase.

We deliver these results from Instagram's database. Therefore, this is a valid action, open to anyone. Don't worry. You won't even provide your username. You won't get in trouble.

Instagram hashtags help you categorize your content and help others to find your content easier. 

On Instagram posts, you can use 30 hashtags maximum. However, using all of the 30 hashtags is not recommended. Only choose the relevant ones for your post. 

You can use hashtags by choosing the most relevant and popular ones. Our hashtag generator tool might give you alternative ideas for hashtags. 

They increase your visibility. So, there is a chance to gain followers with hashtags. 

You might try it if you want to keep your caption clear. Yet, you can hide hashtags in the caption by writing them below.

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Ted Santana
Ted Santana

Great tool for my car page. I always use it when I'm short of hashtags.

Ted Santana
Griff Coates
Griff Coates

It's great. This tool is offering me a lot of hashtags that are related to my topic. I'd never thought of them.

Griff Coates
Leigha Duarte
Leigha Duarte

OMG I just found out this generator and it's great!!! I can see all the hashtags I need to be using thanks to it!! InstaFollower is the best

Leigha Duarte
Bob Yates
Bob Yates

Since I started to use this generator my engagements literally doubled up! You're the internet equivalent of a swiss knife xD

Bob Yates
Nikhil Ellis
Nikhil Ellis

This generator is pure genius! It shows you the hashtags with the most uses related to your word! Definitely gonna use it before every post!

Nikhil Ellis
Daisy-Mae Spencer
Daisy-Mae Spencer

It's actually a bit sad to discover this tool only now... All the wrong hashtags I've used before :( Best tool ever

Daisy-Mae Spencer
Patryk Norris
Patryk Norris

This is one of the most useful tools I've ever seen! You just enter your word and it shows you the most used hashtags for it! Awesome

Patryk Norris

Recommended to all of my buddies out there. Gives you only the best hashtags with the top and the lowest volumes so that you can easily get into the competition!


this is a game changer for sure!! you guys always give more than expected! Now I can finally rank up significantly and be a big timer!


works perfectly, I've been using for two days and my posts started to get higher engagements and listings on the hashtag pages! Many thanks to your crew


Can't believe this is free as you know this kind of info is valuable, especially when it is your goal to hit the top of the hashtags and the explore page! Great service!


This literally shows the best hashtags and even the ones that are related to what you type, not only the similar ones! Great!